EMC Logo

The EMC logo is the primary brand symbol. It consists of the letters “EMC” with a superscript “2”, and the registration mark in the lower right. Simply type “EMC” when referencing the company in copy.

The logo may only appear in EMC blue, black, and white. Click on the corresponding logo, or the logo set, to download.


  • BlueLogoBlackLogo


The logo should not be altered in anyway:

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 12.24.54 PM


Standard logo size is 1.1667” wide. It may be scaled, but never smaller than .335” wide.

Keep an area, depending on size, clear around the logo.




Transitional Signatures

Transitional logos, using both the EMC and other logo appear with the EMC logo in the bottom right and other logo in the bottom left. If there is one logo, it appears in the bottom right. This is temporary after an acquisition.



EMC Sub-Brands


RSA is EMC’s security division. Find RSA logos and trademark information.

Other Related Brands



VMware operates as an independent company with its own brand standards.



VCE is a virtual computing collaboration by Cisco, EMC, VMware, and Intel. An independent business, VCE has its own brand guidelines. See this page for trademark and naming details as well as official boilerplate descriptions.



Pivotal aims to be the platform for enterprise Big Data using next generation software combining Big Data with fast data, through the development of fast data applications and analytics.